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Reseller Hosting Overview

Offering Technical Support
Becoming a reseller is quite easy in the web hosting industry. The hardest part of offering web hosting services is to offer complete and comprehensive support. The first thing that must be done is to have a complete web hosting support guide accessible to your clients day or night. We allow our resellers to use our support section in their own company names. Simply copy our support section, change the colors and add your logo.

Name Servers
The next step would be to brand your web hosting company. Name servers are used to direct a domain name to a network. The name servers are used to call the domain name to the particular server that the account is hosted on. Most companies will give you their name servers. Indiadns allows you to create your own in your control panel under the name server icon. When you click on the icon you will have the ability to create your name servers on our network under your own name like so:



Once you create your virtual name servers, you will need to register them just as you do for your domain names. If you purchased your domain name through Indiadns, you have been issued a control panel specifically used for domain name management. Log into your domain name control panel and do the following:

1. Click on the domain name that is associated with your name servers. Example: indiadns.net = ns1.indiadns.net.

2. Click on  "Manage Child Nameservers"

3. Enter in NS and the IP address and then click on "Add Name Server." Do this a second time and add NS2 along with the second IP address.

Your name servers should be working within 24 to 48 hours. If you did not register your domain name through Indiadns, we suggest you contact your registrar for instructions. You are not required to use your own name servers with Indiadns. You may use our name servers for yourself and your client base.

Customizing Control Panels
The next step in branding your company is to offer control panels to your clients with your information on them. Once you have added a new account, that account will be listed on the left hand side of your control panel under the "Additional Accounts" heading. Simply click on one of those accounts and make changes to your control panel. You only have to do this once and the changes will be made for all of your resold accounts. You can add text, images and color to the header.

Billing System
As you are building your web site, you will need an billing system to take orders for your web hosting services. Indiadns offers a free most popular billing system WHMCS with most of its Reseller Plans. As soon as you get the license key of the billing system you can install it on your website and start taking the orders from it. You will need to customize the billing system according to your needs, for more details on the WHMCS billing system just log on to

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